SRIMED Level- 2 Hospital Management in South Sudan (UNMISS) comes under praise

November 15, 2021

The SRIMED Level-2 Hospital in South Sudan managed by the 7th Sri Lankan contingent has come under praise during an evaluation review conducted recently. According to Army media, the Hospital Evaluation Assessment of the Field HQ of the UN Mission in South Sudan has lauded the medical facility situated in BOR, South Sudan during its review.

The review was conducted by staff officers from the Sector East HQ and the team was led by Deputy Force Medical Officer Lieutenant Colonel Dr Fatema Zein Khan, it says.
The assessment had focused on knowledge of the hospital commander and logistic officer as the Sector East Medical Head, relevant aspects of operational support, knowledge on contingency plans and preparations, medical facilities, its functional capacity to maintain adequate medical supply, COVID-19 preventive measures and best practices, etc , it states.

Knowledge of the hospital staff on health care quality and patients' safety according to the UN patient care quality manual and the mass casualty management readiness of SRIMED Level II hospital also came under assessment, further states.