Alms-giving held at ‘Sandahiru Stupa’ premises to invoke blessings on war heroes

November 20, 2021

Following the unveiling of Sandahiru Stupa Pinnacle on 18 Nov, an alms-giving ceremony (Sangagatha Dakshinawa) was held at the venue yesterday (Nov 19).

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa after paying homage to sacred Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya also attended the religious observances and alms-giving held at the Sandahiru Stupa premises.

The event also invoked religious blessings on President Rajapaksa for completion of the second year in office and also recalled war heroes of our time while invoking blessings on their souls.

Tri-Forces personnel organized the alms-giving ceremony under the directives of the Defence Ministry to mark the unveiling of Sandahiru Stupa and to invoke blessings on war heroes.

Venerable Maha Sanga, First Lady Mrs Ioma Rajapaksa, State Ministers, Parliamentarians, Defence Secretary, Chief of Defence Staff and Army Commander, Navy and Air Force Chiefs, Director General of Civil Security Department, state officials, distinguished invitees and relatives of fallen War Heroes were also present.