Foreign trainees among Air Force Search and Rescue Course

November 30, 2021

Several foreign participants were among the trainees of the Search and Rescue Courses conducted by the Sri Lanka Air Force.

According to Air Force media the Regiment Special Forces Training School at SLAF Station Morawewa had conducted the No 01 Search and Rescue Course for foreign trainees and No.02 Search and Rescue Course for RSF personnel recently.

Four (04) trainees from Pakistan and Maldives were in the No.02 Search and Rescue Course while sixteen (16) RSF personnel had attended the No.01 Search and Rescue Course which was held from Oct 27 to Nov 26 this year, it says.

These courses for foreigners and RSF personnel are designed to achieve professionalism in the areas of Search and Rescue, Human Assistance and Disaster Relief, Sea Rescue, Terrain Rescue, High Altitude Training, Rappelling Tower Training, STABO, SPIE, Helicopter rappelling and Winch Operation Training and also to enhance mutual knowledge on these aspects with Armed Forces of friendly foreign nations, it further says.

The training courses were conducted according to laid down health guidelines in force for the prevention of COVID- 19 pandemic.