Army in Mullaittivu reaches out to the needy

December 15, 2021

Army troops under Security Force Headquarters - Mullaittivu carried out a series of humanitarian and community oriented projects aimed at enhancing the living standards of low-income group families in the region.  

According to Army media sources, a new house was built for a deserving family that had been living in a tin shed in the general area of Silawatta. The house was constructed by troops of 24 SLSR under the 591 Brigade with a private donor providing required funds.

Meanwhile troops of 12 SLLI of the 591 Brigade built a new washroom for handicapped rehabilitated, ex-combatant M Kajan living in Wadduwakal with funds provided by a private donor.  Troops of 23 SLLI of 592 Brigade completed work on the partly built house of the deserving family of Nandani Mallika, living in Putharikuda Grama Seva Division with funds from a private donor, the news says.

 Several students of Mulliyaveli Vidyananda National School who faced difficulty to commute to school from homes were gifted with bicycles after a group of private donors had sponsored the gifts. Eight deserving students were gifted with new bicycles while in another event 80 set of school accessories were distributed among needy students in Nandikadal, Mullaittivu, it added.

59 Division troops also had facilitated the supply of a stock of drainage spares, LED bulbs and a 1000 lt plastic water storage tank to the Sambodhi Viharaya in Kokilai facilitated through private donor contribution, it says.

These social service programmes were carried out with the blessings of the Commander, Security Forces - Mullaittivu Major General Sanjaya Wanasinghe, army media further said.