7th UNMISS contingent in South Sudan completes its tenure

December 25, 2021

The 7th UNMISS contingent at SRIMED Level 2 UN Hospital in Bor, South Sudan marking its successful completion of the one-year mission in the UN presented a military parade to its Contingent Commander recently before arriving in Sri Lanka.

Army sources said the SRIMED troops treated 1395 patients at the Out Patients’ Department (OPD), 171 warded patients and 314 patients at the dental department during their one-year tenure and further, performed 48 surgeries and 22 medical evacuations.

Contingent Commander Col. D.R.S.A Jayamanna received the salute of the parade of his contingent members, the Army stated.

During the troop address, the Contingent Commander appreciated the valuable contribution, commitment and dedication of all troop members for smooth functioning of the Level- 2 hospital and its infrastructural development with sound coordination with other UN personnel while maintaining the UN standards of health care and quality with patient safety at the United Nations Level 2 Hospital, the Army media also reported.