SL Army Team secured Silver Medal in the PATS Competition - 2022

March 24, 2022

The Sri Lanka Army team participated in the 5th International Pakistan Army Team Spirit (PATS) Competition 2022 held from 3 - 13 March in Pakistan’s Army National Counter-Terrorism Center in Kharian and won a Silver medal.

More than 16 international teams from Nepal, Turkey, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Kenya and Saudi Arabia participated in the event in which the best of the best with sound physical and mental endurance capabilities were selected after 30 competition rounds, the Army sources said.

The 80km Navigation March, Crossing of Water Obstacles, Section Assault Drill, Anti Ambush Drill, Heli Marshaling and Stretcher Run also included the PATS tournament, the Army stated.

The Sri Lanka team included three Officers and eight Other Ranks from the Sri Lanka Light Infantry, Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment, Gajaba Regiment, Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment and Mechanized Infantry Regiment, the Army confirmed.