Service of Women’s Corps during battle is praiseworthy - Defence Secretary

May 30, 2022
  • Women’s Corps extended an honourable service to the nation

Female soldiers of the Sri Lanka Army extended immense services to the country during the war against terrorism while making immense sacrifices.

“Since you all had duly extended the respective duties assigned, the soldiers in the war front were enabled to discharge their responsibility to the entire satisfaction”.

Defence Secretary Gen. Kamal Gunaratne expressed these remarks while addressing a gathering of Sri Lanka Ex-Army Women’s Association (SLEAWA) during its Annual General Meeting held at the Clover Resort in Kelaniya, last evening (May 29).

Recalling their immense support, Gen. Gunaratne went on saying “when injured soldiers were fetched to sickbays, we experienced the caring services of the hospital staff including female nurses, caregivers etc.” adding that “we never fail to recall such great services”.

It is a fact that you all extended an honourable service to the nation, he added.

He also recalled the extreme hardships undergone by the children of service women, whose father was also employed in the Army.

President of Sri Lanka Ex-Servicemen’s Association Maj. Gen. Upul Perera and a large number of SLEAWA members were also present at the day's event.