Defenders of the Nation turns 73 today

October 10, 2022

By Maj. Ravindra Karunarathne

  • Army Day Parade held at Panagoda Army Cantonment

Sri Lanka Army, ‘the Defenders of the Nation’ proudly celebrates its 73rd Anniversary and the Army Day today (Oct 10th, 2022) in accordance with military traditions under the auspices of the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage, as the Chief Guest at the Army Cantonment, Panagoda, Homagama.

Raised on 10th October 1949 as the Ceylon Army, the organization reached its impressive heights as the full-fledged professional Army with 25 regiments. During its forward march, the Army immensely involved in a noteworthy development work of the country while shouldering its responsibility as the Defenders of the Nation and protecting its national security interests.



Image Courtesy - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sri_Lanka_Army#/media/File:PM_visits_the_1st_Bn_CLI.jpg

The contribution of the Sri Lanka Army troops in providing assistance to civil authority in times of national disasters, calamities and emergencies has resulted in winning the hearts and minds of all ethnicities across the country. The Sri Lanka Army’s unmatched contribution to rid the citizens from COVID-19 pandemic and assistance to the country’s vaccination greatly facilitated in health promotion during the past period.

The Army’s swift presence and providing tremendous humanitarian relief during natural disasters, floods, landslides and any other emergency in the country despite huge challenges has been greatly admired.

Further, the Sri Lanka Army troops serving the UN peace-keeping missions help build the image of the Army while keeping a proven record of service and receiving continuous commendations for their exceptional contributions in the international stage. Moreover, they immensely contribute to the economy of the country by bringing foreign revenue.

Meantime, the Army’s involvement in various humanitarian projects and mega nation - building tasks brought productive results. The agriculture arm of the Army exerts its multifaceted contribution to establish the food security of the country employing its resources. Diversified mega agriculture, afforestation, farming and livestock projects of the Army adds its share to the national goals.




The Army’s human resources, technical expertise and coordination with various donor agencies have been highly influential in elevating the living standards of the needy families in Northern and Eastern Provinces. A large number of houses thus constructed by the Army, the essential items required by those houses as well as lending the supportive hands in providing the livelihood have indeed acclaimed respect and admiration of the public. These acts amply show the Army’s harmonious and cordial relationship with all ethnicities in the country.

The Army’s contribution in improving infrastructure facilities in sports sector development in the country and provision of facilities for sportsmen and women have shown greater results winning outstanding medals at national and international sports tournaments.

The Sri Lanka Army will continue providing security while involving in its community development tasks for a healthy nation. On this 73rd Anniversary of the Sri Lanka Army, a series of blessing ceremonies of all faiths and an all-night Pirith chanting ceremony followed by an alms giving to the Maha Sangha invoked blessings to all those served and serving members of the Army.