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Masks and social distancing vs social responsibility

March 24, 2020
  • Most people wore masks and kept social distance but the rest not

The mantra to save lives from the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-10) is to wear masks, social distancing and individual’s 'responsibility' to act with 'responsibility' in an alarming situation.

During the 8-hours given after lifting curfew for shopping essential items, today, the defence.lk captured people in certain areas in Colombo on how they responded to health advices given to the public to keep COVID-19 at bay, when they do shopping.

Mostly, people were seen following the given health advices and disciplined when they did their shopping. But some were not so concern to protect them and also others, thinking it is some one else's war.

No... it is 'our' war.

And, it is over to those who were not 'so serious' to heed to health and security warnings seriously to save the nation from COVID-19 when they are in outdoor.