Woman arrested with hand grenades, ammunition and body armours

July 01, 2020

Police has arrested a woman with ammunition in her possession during a search operation conducted at Pitipana Homagama, today (July 01).

Seven hand grenades, one repeater shotgun, four rounds of ammunition, two body armours and four unidentified ammunition were among the other items recovered. The search operation was initiated by the Homagama Police based on intelligence information received in a follow-up to the raid carried out on June 29 by the Special Task Force (STF) at Homagama apprehending 12 small arms, according to the Police.

On June 29, STF confiscated 11 of T-56 rifles and one T-81 rifle hidden in a warehouse along with the owner of the building and another suspect.

The arrested woman is alleged to have had an affair with the arrested owner of the building.

The Homagama Police is conducting further investigations.