Peace is established in the country

May 18, 2019

At present peace is established in the country, However police is strictly vigilant about the situation and if some person or group tries to break the peace, strict actions will be taken against them. The special unit established at police headquarters is in alert about the persons who are spreading false or hatred statements using the social media and if someone founds guilty they will be taken in front of the law and strict legal actions will be taken against them, said the police spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara at the media conference held at Media Centre in Kollupitiya, Yesterday (17 May).

Another 02 suspects for Easter Sunday attack were taken into police and kept in police custody for further questioning by Horowpothana police from Horowpothana police division, yesterday (16 May). A receipt of arrestment will be given to nearest relative of the individual who are taken into police custody under the Emergency regulations and on release of the suspect the receipt is to be handed over back to the police station, further stated the police spokesman.