r Ministry of Defence - Sri Lanka

Bhakthi Geetha at Sandahiru Seya; the offering of the
highest tribute to war veterans of our time

June 04, 2023

Offering the highest tribute to war veterans of our time, an exclusive ‘Poson Bhakthi Geetha’ programme was held at the Sandahiru Seya premises under the patronage of Defence Secretary General Kamal Gunaratne last evening (Jun 03).
The Poson Full Moon Poya Day is of the highest significance to Sri Lankan Buddhists as it marks the historic arrival of Arahat Mahinda Thera to our motherland with the message of the Lord Buddha.

‘Bhakthi Geetha’ (Budu Guna Gee) are songs dedicated to the Lord Buddha, especially sung during religious events by Buddhists. These songs are also called recitals of devotional songs about the Lord Buddha in order to celebrate religious events and also to invoke blessings.

According to the day’s programme distinguished invitees attended the religious proceedings arriving at the Sandahiru Stupa premises amidst religious observances.

The event organized to invoke blessings to the motherland with compassionate thoughts on this sanctified day of Poson Poya saw the lighting of Poson lanterns and recital of ‘Poson Bhakthi Geetha’ by military personnel.

Chairperson of Seva Vanita Unit of the Ministry of Defence Mrs. Chitrani Gunaratne, General Officer Commanding - 21 Division Maj. Gen. Dinesh Nanayakkara Director General Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Major General Ranjith Jayasekara, Military Liaison Officer Ministry of Defence Brigadier Dhammika Welagedara and Staff of the Defence Ministry, Tri-Forces Members, Sri Lanka Police and Civil Security Department members and a large gathering of devotees and school children were present at the annual religious ceremony.