Army to cultivate coconut in 200 acres in Kuttigala

December 27, 2021

Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps (SLAGSC) detachment in Kuttigala launched its 2nd stage of the Coconut Cultivation Project by planting saplings in an extent of 200 acres.

The Army sources said that the project was launched under the guidelines given by Colonel Commandant of the SLAGSC Brig. H.A.P.P.K. Hewawasam and the Coconut Cultivation Board of Sri Lanka patronages the project coordinated by Officer Commanding in the Kuttigala Detachment of 1 SLAGSC Maj. K.D. Gorakapitiya

Commanding Officer of 1 SLAGSC Lt. Col. C.S. Demuni, Officers and the troops contributed to the project, the Army added.