Combat Firing Meet at MSTS, Now in Full Swing

January 19, 2022

The integral components, essential for ‘soldiering’ are the ‘discipline’ and ‘commitment’ which overlap with the physical and mental toughness of the soldier with which he would be all the time prepared to undertake combat firing when the need necessitates which also in turn qualifies him to be a full-fledged military man.

The Sri Lanka Army as the most formidable task force that could challenge any type of challenge in any challenging milieu maintains that if a soldier fails to qualify with his weapon, he would not be allowed to carry or shoot any weapon at all.

Hence, sustained live-fire training exercises should simultaneously continue unabated while sharpening self-discipline further and commitment, corresponding to the prioritized security roles in his career.

The ‘Inter Regiment Combat Firing Meet 2021’ of the MSTS that began on Sunday (16) at the field firing range at Diyatalawa under the supervision of the Army Small Arms Association (ASAA), is now underway with 34 participating firing teams including one women’s team.

The Army’s state-of-the-art Marksmanship and Sniper Training School (MSTS) at Diyatalawa, more popularly known as ‘Home of Snipers’ commanded by Brigadier Vipula Ihalage, Commandant, MSTS and Chairman, ASAA has taken steps to organize the Meet to be in line with the Army ‘Way Forward Strategy 2020 - 2025’ of General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army and the Meet is scheduled to end on 29 January in an awarding ceremony.

Those 34 participating teams are vying under three categories, namely; the ‘Novices Open’, ‘Open Event’ and the ‘Senior Officers’ Event’. In the Open category, 21 teams vie with one another while 13 teams compete in the Novices Open category.

In the Senior Officers’ category, competitions will take place under Lieutenant Colonel who are Commanding Officers and Colonels while all Flag Rank Officers above the rank of Brigadiers would participate in a separate sub category.

Participants in the entire Meet are expected to complete the 9 km run, firing of 10 rounds in the 300 m range, firing of 20 rounds in the 200 m range, firing of 10 rounds in 100 m range and firing of 10 rounds in the 50 m range.

The ‘Combat Firing Meet 2021’ is conducted in order to improve shooting skills, comradeship among all ranks in battalions and aimed at selecting suitable performers for local and international competitions through the Army Small Arms Association (ASAA).

Courtesy - www.army.lk