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Navy rescues 38 local tourists aboard a distressed trawler in Kalpitiya seas

October 02, 2022

Sri Lanka Navy sprang into action to rescue 38 persons aboard a distressed trawler, while it was carrying the group of local tourists from Kalpitiya to Baththalangunduwa on the evening of 01st October 2022. The trawler was in desperate situation following a leakage of sea water into the craft.

The trawler named ‘Dreamy Travels’ registered for the sea transportation of tourists under No. CN/34/4, was at the risk of sinking, as it had experienced a leakage of sea water into the craft, while it was carrying a group of local tourists from Kalpitiya to the Baththalangunduwa Island. Following the desperation was disseminated to SLNS Vijaya in the Northwestern Naval Command by the boat owner on the afternoon of 01st October, Sri Lanka Navy made prompt arrangements to rush Inshore Patrol Craft P 152 and P 228 attached to SLNS Vijaya and Sri Lanka Coast Guard Inshore Patrol Craft CG 202 to the location of the distressed trawler.

Having reached the location, the Navy hurriedly rescued 32 males (including 03 boat operators of the trawler) and 06 females from the distressed trawler and safely brought them to the Kalpitiya fisheries harbour.

Similarly, the Sri Lanka Navy remains watchful around the clock to respond to this nature of eventualities encountered by naval and fishing communities in Sri Lanka’s Search and Rescue Region.

courtesy - www.navy.lk