Defence Secretary praises the Civil Security Department’s
role in the dawn of peace

November 10, 2022

Not only the tri-forces and Police, the Civil Security Department (CSD) also contributed a lot for the dawn of peace, that we rejoice today, said the Defence Secretary General Kamal Gunaratne during an inspection visit made to the CSD Headquarters in Katubedda, Moratuwa, today (Nov 10).

The Defence Secretary who delved into the CSD’s progress made so far also sat for a discussion with the top administration led by CSD’s Director General Maj. Gen. Ranjan Lamahewage (Retd) at the conference hall, during the session. The functional progress and future activities of the CSD was also taken up at the discussion.

The warm reception on his arrival comprised of a Guard Turnout and a Guard of Honour  followed by a tree planting ceremony to mark the visit.

The Defence Secretary while addressing CSD staffers recalled the hardships experienced during the conflict also mentioned the dedicated service rendered by the former CSD members during the battle to eradicate terrorism from the island.  

“Those pointed their finger towards the armed forces during the recent turmoil weren’t aware of the hardships their parents had gone through during terrorist war”, he said citing several recent incidents.
“Despite all these criticisms, it is a pride for you all to be in this exclusive uniform” he said adding “Bear in your mind that the peaceful atmosphere that we relish today sacrificing our youth was brought about not only for us but also for the rising future generation”.

Additional Secretary - Civil Security and Development Saman Dissanayake, Military Liaison Officer of the Ministry of Defence Maj. Gen. Dinesh Nanayakkara and CSD personnel were also present during the programme.